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“Peter is among those rare masters who cross the distance between doing a good job and knocking it out of the park. What he brings to book titling – and book publishing in general – is creative, informed and simply golden for marketing.”

George Foster
Cover designer for more than one thousand books
Winner of more than 200 awards

“Peter played THE key role in developing and refining my book title. This elusive element plagued me during the several years I was writing. My subject required particular sensitivity and a nuanced title/subtitle/sub-subtitle combination to capture and balance almost conflicting communication requirements. Peter stayed with me, and kept at it, digging deep and deeper until he hit paydirt. He dug up a gold nugget of a title, for which I am profoundly grateful. The more I live with Notes from the Waiting Room, the more I love it. It captures the pensive aspects of the book, and suggests the environment from which the book’s offerings emanate. Peter, you did good.”

Bart Windrum, Author
Notes from the Waiting Room:
Managing a Loved One’s End-of-Life Hospitalization

“The transformation from The Color Book to Art Sparks! is ingenious. I originally thought the intent of my book was a focus on creating art with color, when actually the book really is about generating ideas and motivating young ones to spark and ignite their own ideas using color! It took your sharp eye to discern this most important, necessary change and change an ambiguous title into a highly focused one. It was an invaluable shift that places the emphasis where it needs to be – on the development of creative ideas! Thanks, Peter for your unique vision.”
(She also had me rewrite her back cover copy and when she saw the result, wrote):
“Wow, I’m speechless! You have such a gift. I truly am in awe of your talents and ease of creation. I can’t thank you enough. You saved my title!”

Jana Manville, Author
Art Sparks! A Creative Adventure to Inspire Young Artists

“Peter Bowerman is a word-artist extraordinaire. He used his exceptional talent to create a title and subtitle (for our book about a powerful self-help technique) for us that immediately grab our buyers’ attention. We know it’s his wording on the cover that sells our book. In all dealings, Peter kept his word and to his schedule. For us as authors, his approach was both professional and personal. This man is brilliant. After working with him, we know NOT to title our own books. It takes a master such as Peter to get it just right.”

Sarah & Jessica Meredith, Co-Authors
Mind Wiping:
Permanently Eliminate Any Destructive Emotion in Five Minutes or Less

“I was so impressed with The Well-Fed Self-Publisher that I decided to hire Peter and benefit from his mentoring/consulting services for my own book. Am I glad I did! I benefited so much from his services that I even wrote about it on my blog. I can’t say it enough: he was instrumental in the book’s success, coming up with a powerful title and subtitle for the book (a compilation of interviews with the top bloggers in the world). The original name? Interviewing the Pros. Peter came up with an amazing name: Blog Blazers (and even the URL was available). One with punch. One that drew attention. Crucial since you only have a few seconds to convince someone to pick up your book.
Peter also worked on the back cover copy for the book. The copy he wrote was amazing (and I often work in marketing). It really drew in potential book buyers. You can tell he’s been doing this professionally. In some reviews of the book, people have used parts of the copy for the review. That’s how powerful it is!”

Stephane Grenier, Author
Blog Blazers: 40 Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets to Creating a High-Profile,
High-Traffic, and High-Profit Blog

“I have used ‘The Title Tailor’ (Peter Bowerman) to title three of my books and I am delighted with the results. He has an almost magical way with words and an uncanny ability to turn a mundane title into something eye-catching. I also hired him to write the back-cover copy for those three plus one other, and I am more than happy I made the investment. Not only is Peter friendly and attentive, he also has many useful contacts in the publishing field. I’ll certainly use his services for my next book.”

John Fulford, Author
Hitchhiking to Serendip
The Enspellopedia

“I have published over a dozen books (through publishing houses and on my own), had dozens more published in foreign editions, and have had three of my books picked up by major book clubs. Along the way, I have met some sweet people and some talented people, but, never, and I mean never, have I received editorial help and insight from anyone in the writing or agenting professions (including 34—yes, 34—literary agents), that has come close to this level of talent at writing copy about my work, Peter.
“And to find you so easy to work with—downright delightful—and so generous with your time, it just melts my heart. These are my best covers yet. Thank you so very much.”
UPDATE (about my title/cover-copy work on a new book of hers in January 2016): “Oh, Peter, you may have no idea how perfect that title is. I’ll be sending you a copy of the finished book (of course). And if you read it, you’ll find the extent to which I have integrated the main title and subtitles throughout the work.
Thank you for sharing your reasoning as well, because you know that—although I hope never to stop working with you as my amazing consultant—I aim to learn from you every chance I get. It makes me a better writer, promoter of my services, and all-around communicator. So thank you. You are just plain relentless. Which do I appreciate more, your talent, your skill, or your work ethic? Lucky me, so glad I don’t have to choose!”

Rose Rosetree, Author
The Empowered Empath
The Master Empath

“After reading The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, which is my new marketing Bible, I hired Peter to write a title and subtitle for my book. Not only did he give me many more title options than I had anticipated, I also had a great time working with him. So who better to write the back copy? Peter delivered exactly what I was looking for and what the book needed. I have several other projects in the works and wouldn’t think of hiring anyone else to help me.”

Dr. Kim West, Author
Peaceful Passage:
The Essential Guide to Navigating the Emotional Storms and Daily Logistics of an At-Home, End-of-Life Journey

“Peter Bowerman is a fun and informative self-publishing guru. By sharing his vast industry knowledge, Peter gave me the tools I needed to finish, self-publish and market my book. In addition to Peter’s assistance with my self-publishing and marketing plans, he created a provocative title and strong back-cover copy for my book that were both right on target, and made my book look professional and engaging; Peter captured the energy I was looking for. Both front and back covers have generated a lot of positive feedback thus far and it has been a delight to work with Peter. I look forward to using his services for my next book.”

Lynne Lucio, Author
“The Insurance Decoder:
How to Maximize Your Health Insurance Benefits, Minimize Out-of-Pocket Expenses,
and Stay One Step Ahead of Your Insurance Company

“Well, the jury is in. Phenomenal job on the back cover copy! We are so jazzed to have such great improvement. And this from my partner: ‘I think his version is fantastic. Flows much smoother than ours. I love his lead in. Comparing Peter’s version to ours, I think the money you paid him was well spent. I’m grateful to him for the help it’ll be in selling the book.’ It’s very reassuring to have your expertise to rely on. Thank you for being part of my team. I am very grateful for your help.”

Tom Jackson, Author/Creator
The DREAMCHILD Adventures Audio Programs

“Trying to brand and promote yourself is, to paraphrase Churchill, like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up by the handle. Although I’ve had a successful career in creative communications, when time came to promote my book, I saw the need for outside opinions.
“Enter Peter Bowerman. His on-the-money feedback and real-world insights have been a joy and wonder. He closely collaborated with me during the naming of my book. He poured his wisdom into my marketing plan. And he’s given me tons of practical advice. The guy is good. I wholeheartedly recommend Peter Bowerman’s consulting services to all writers and authors.”

Sam Harrison, Author
Zing! 5 Steps and 101 Tips For Creativity on Command

“Thanks so much for being so thoughtful and thorough in our mentoring sessions on my budding self-publishing venture. Being my first work, it’s been wonderful to be able to consult with you on title, subtitle, back cover copy, ebook, marketing strategy, soliciting endorsements and so much more. You have already saved me much wasted effort. Not only do you give me definite opinions, you back them up with sound reasoning, facts and your proven successful experience with your books. In addition, your copywriting expertise has also helped me, in both your titling coaching and helping me craft an effective pitch letter. I feel blessed to have you in my corner.”

David Lundberg, Author
What God REALLY Wants You to Know:
God’s Universal Truths Shared by All World Religions

“Thank goodness I ran across Peter before my company’s book (written by the firm’s principals) went to print. In short order, he gave us advice that saved us an immeasurable amount of money ($40,000 if I had to guess). Peter’s straightforward advice on how to create a GREAT subtitle helped us to take our plan for this book to the next level! We were missing a simple yet crucial element and Peter saved us. What I enjoyed most about working with Peter was that he didn’t tell us what we needed to do; he asked strategic and focused questions that helped my whole team really get behind the changes we needed to make.”

Leah Volk, Public Relations Manager
Pathways to Leadership
Denver, Colorado

“Before I read Peter’s book, The Well-Fed Self Publisher, I had no idea what it meant to publish a ‘legit’ book (read, not a vanity press title). Without having Peter as my consultant, I would never have been able to untangle the maze that is the publishing industry. He’s helped me with back cover copy, title selection, press releases and direct mailers to name a few. Peter has been my mentor, my business confident and my coach. He has went above and beyond simply answering my never ending list of questions to go that extra step to help me be successful in my endeavor. He is passionate, smart, easy to work with…the list goes on and on. I plan on keeping him on my ‘team’ indefinitely.”

Kelly Whitehead, Author
High-Risk Pregnancy – Why Me?
Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy

“Thanks for your quick and excellent work! Love what you did on the subtitle. We also love the back cover copy, maybe just a tweak or two – nothing major at all. You really captured the essence of what we were going for and made it very compelling. We’d love to continue to consult with you to get your feedback on cover design, etc. So, consider us very pleased!”

Nelson Lauver, Author
Most Unlikely to Succeed:
The Trial, Travels, and Ultimate Triumphs of a “Throwaway” Kid

“After my first book was published by a specialty publisher, I was shopping around for another publisher for my second. I found out very quickly that the publishing industry had changed drastically in four years! Peter was able to convince me that self-publishing is the way to go, guide me through the publishing process and provide invaluable contacts and advice (including great advice on crafting an effective title) to help me get started on my self-publishing journey. He’s got the experience necessary to coach other writers through their specific challenges. Thank you, Peter!”

Karen Steede-Terry, Author
Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career:
Launching a Flexible Business That Fits Your Life, Feeds Your Family and Fuels Your Brain

“Without Peter’s mentoring this book would never have seen the light of day. He encouraged us by explaining we could do it ourselves, and put us on the right track to get it done. And we really appreciated his help with the title and back cover copy. When he suggested Intensercise, we all knew right away that it was the right title. It’s clever, it captured perfectly what we were trying to get across to readers, and it’s a great “brand.” Plus, it works well with the subtitle. Already a lot of people have told us they really liked our title, and several have bought the book after just reading the back cover.”

Andrew & Michelle Kilikauskas, Authors
Intensercise: Tapping the Forgotten Secret to Multiplying Your Workout Results

“OMG!!! Peter, did you hear me scream from North Carolina? I LOVE IT!! The ABC’s of GOD: Abundant Biblical Comfort from A to Z. That’s it! That’s my title. Thank you SO much!! I love it.

Vanessa O’Neal, Author
The ABC’s of GOD: Abundant Biblical Comfort from A to Z

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