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Back Cover Copy

(The following is an adapted excerpt from “The Well-Fed Self-Publisher” by Peter Bowerman)

Strong copy on the back cover of a book transforms a relatively small space into a powerful selling tool. If your cover, title and subtitle are clear, catchy, and compelling enough, your book browser’s next stop for more information is the back cover.

And given Amazon’s “Look Inside!” feature, a powerfully written back cover is equally valuable for both online and physical marketing.

The Buying Process

Think about how you buy a book. You pick it up, look at the cover, and if you like the visuals, title, and subtitle, it’s because something resonates in you; something about what you see calls to some desire or longing inside you. That desire could be anything. In the case of a novel (or even non-fiction), it might be to have a transcendent reading experience—to be touched, moved, entertained, transported, etc.

For non-fiction, it could be a desire for information about something that is (or sounds) meaningful to you. Or perhaps to ease a nagging concern. And if the cover and title speaks to that concern, it’s the beginning of a “Hmmmmmm…”

And if the cover, title and subtitle intrigue us, a kernel of hope starts to stir. You want to believe this book will address that desire, uncertainty, or concern.

“Sell Me”

Now, you’re looking for confirmation of this growing sense of hope. Your next move is to flip to the back cover of a book, and think (likely unconsciously), “Okay, sell me.” Gee, and you thought it was just a back cover. You had no idea so much was at stake!

Back Cover Copy Pricing

(for non-fiction, especially “non-fiction how-to” books)


The above price assumes I’d be creating back-cover copy from scratch—which is the case with most of my clients. Should you provide me with a working version of back-cover copy, and I determine it will shave time off my process, a price reduction may be possible. Includes initial 20- to 30-minute phone consultation. NOTE: Price range above is based on 6″ x 9″ back cover space. Larger formats (i.e., 8.5″ x 11″) may incur additional cost.

Have existing back-cover copy that doesn’t seem to be getting the job done? Reworking clunky, awkward and flat copy is one of my strong suits!

The Gallery

Double-click the thumbnails below to view samples (give them a few seconds to load), complete with my rationale. See back cover copy for my own four books at the end.

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