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It’s a tragedy…

Okay, maybe not on the order of war, famine and pestilence, but in its own way…

It’s a tragedy how many non-fiction books get published each year—well-written, useful, topical, engaging, important books—that go nowhere because they have a lousy title and subtitle. Lame, weak, boring, confusing, unclever, you name it.

And all because those books’ authors or publishers don’t understand that a prospective reader has to be drawn in, wooed, courted…

Even worse? Often, they actually think their crummy titles are good. Or that it doesn’t even matter that much! Wrong. SO wrong.

Simply put, a book’s title and subtitle (and the back cover of a book) can make or break a book. More importantly, a really good title, subtitle and back-cover copy will sell more books, and isn’t that the whole idea?

Bad Title = Camouflage

You know how much toil, turmoil and tears went into writing a book. Releasing it to the world with a bad title is like camouflage.

Useful if you’re trying to avoid detection. Not so much if want to stand out in a book marketplace that sees roughly 350,000+ new entries annually.

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